About us

PASTEF (Patriots of Senegal for Work, Ethics and Fraternity) is a political party founded by young managers of the Senegalese public administration, the private sector, the liberal professions, teachers and businessmen who , for the most part, have never done politics before.This initial circle was quickly extended to Senegalese of all origins and all socio-professional categories, making PASTEF a showcase of Senegal in its pluralities.PASTEF is the party of all Senegalese who refuse to watch our dear country being neglected, and who decided to engage in politics; Convinced that in the souls of the majority of Senegalese, despite the discouragement, despite the selfish temptation, beyond the fear that can inspire dark and hostile forces, there survives a flame that refuses to die: the flame of patriotism.It is the party of all Senegalese who, despite the rejection that politics inspires in our country, because of the indigent debate, auctioning invectives, denial, transhumance and lack of vision, refuse to let the free field to this political class which has been perpetuated since our independence and which plumbs its take-off. PASTEF claims a political virginity which exonerates it from any responsibility in the bad conduct of public affairs and a sense of sacrifice for a change of paradigms .PASTEF just asks you to listen to it, to judge for yourself the women and men who embody it, to hear the diagnosis they make of the ills that suffers our country and the solutions they propose, to evaluate and criticize the quality of their action, to appreciate their sincerity and, at the time of the important choices for the future of Senegal, to draw all the consequences If you let yourself be guided by one thing: the best interests of the Senegalese people.

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